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Unique and patented technology solutions for real-time holography SeeReal has developed disruptive solutions for real holographic 3D displays, with a goal to set a new market standard for electronic displays. With their extensive background in development and manufacture of Stereoscopic 3D … Continue Reading

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Did you know … Laser diode technology will show great advances in the next few years

Manoj Kanskar and his colleagues from nLight Inc. recently published an inspiring article (Laser Focus World, January 2018 ), stating that the advancement in laser diodes shows a similar exponential growth over time as Integrated Circuits (IC) according to the … Continue Reading

Spaceship hologram presented to audience

Report on SeeReal @ Display Summit 2017

On October 4-5, 2017 SeeReal took part on the Display Summit held in Sterling, Virgina, USA. The summit focused on emerging display technologies facilitating augmented and virtual reality experiences as well as wearable devices. A particular emphasis was on advanced … Continue Reading

Did you know … SeeReal’s publication in Applied Optics was selected as a „Spotlight on Optics“ by OSA in May 2017

SeeReal recently published an article in Applied Optics titled „Large real-time holographic 3D displays: enabling components and results“. This publication was now selected as a „Spotlight on Optics“ by the OSA in May 2017. The „Spotlight on Optics“ is a … Continue Reading

How does it work … SeeReal’s holographic display principle in a nutshell

On our Technology page we describe selected aspects of holographic display technology, which SeeReal is actively pursuing. But how do all these things contribute to a holographic 3D (H3D) display? A short intro on how this works for example in … Continue Reading

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How does it work … Holography

People use the term hologram for many things – mostly for things that are not holograms … But what makes a real hologram or what is holography? Light propagates in space in the form of waves – similar to waves … Continue Reading

Triceratops hologram presented to audience

Did you know … How Gabor developed his Holography

There is an interesting article from Augusto Beléndez, University of Alicante (Spain) „Dennis Gabor, “Father of Holography” “ where he nicely summarizes Gabor’s work on holography. He writes: … Gabor came up with the answer to this question [ improving … Continue Reading