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SeeReal @ Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®

Unique and patented technology solutions for real-time holography SeeReal has developed disruptive solutions for real holographic 3D displays, with a goal to set a new market standard for electronic displays. With their extensive background in development and manufacture of Stereoscopic 3D … Continue Reading

Display Week 2018

SeeReal @ Display Week / SID 2018

As every year, Display Week of the Society of Information Display SID was an event that attracted significant attention. Not just the host of Symposium presentations was well attended, but especially Monday seminars were fully booked. In Nikhil Balram‘s seminar, … Continue Reading

Atom hologram presented to audience

SeeReal @ The SPIE Photonics Europe Conference in Strasbourg

The SPIE Photonics Europe Conference in Strasbourg (France) will take place from 22 – 26 April 2018. In this event, SeeReal Technologies will present results of its research on a holographic head-mounted display. The results will be given as presentation … Continue Reading

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

SeeReal wishes Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018

Dear partners, customers and friends of SeeReal, Thank you for the fruitful cooperation and interesting discussions this year! A Peaceful and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!   „The future depends on what we do … Continue Reading

Spaceship hologram presented to audience

Report on SeeReal @ Display Summit 2017

On October 4-5, 2017 SeeReal took part on the Display Summit held in Sterling, Virgina, USA. The summit focused on emerging display technologies facilitating augmented and virtual reality experiences as well as wearable devices. A particular emphasis was on advanced … Continue Reading

SeeReal Hologramm of two airplanes in Real-time

SeeReal @ Conference Digital Optical Technologies, Munich, 25 – 29 June 2017

The conference is focused on components, systems design and applications of emerging digital optical technologies. Interesting presentations on highly topical technologies will be given, amongst others on holography, 3D displays and head-mounted displays. The well-reputed trade show Laser – World … Continue Reading

What others wrote … SeeReal H3D Demo at SID Conference

… At the time of SID Display Conference in 2016, SeeReal demonstrated key principles of their H3D solution to an invited group of people. This was done using a traveling version of an H3D implementation which doesn’t represent all commercial … Continue Reading