Did you know … SeeReal’s publication in Applied Optics was selected as a „Spotlight on Optics“ by OSA in May 2017

SeeReal recently published an article in Applied Optics titled „Large real-time holographic 3D displays: enabling components and results“. This publication was now selected as a „Spotlight on Optics“ by the OSA in May 2017. The „Spotlight on Optics“ is a … Continue Reading

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SeeReal Hologramm of two airplanes in Real-time

SeeReal @ Conference Digital Optical Technologies, Munich, 25 – 29 June 2017

The conference is focused on components, systems design and applications of emerging digital optical technologies. Interesting presentations on highly topical technologies will be given, amongst others on holography, 3D displays and head-mounted displays. The well-reputed trade show Laser – World … Continue Reading

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Hologram of electronic cuircuits

What others wrote … Der Tagesspiegel – Faszination Holografie

A short article and video from Prof. Dr. Hubert Lakner about using micro mirror technology (MEMS) for holography. Hologramme bieten eine echte dreidimensionale Anschauung und gehen weit über das hinaus, was in Kino und TV als 3D bezeichnet wird. Um … Continue Reading

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I'm still very bullish on 3D, ..., and ultimately I think it can happen — with no glasses. We'll get there.

.... James Cameron, while working on the the 'Avatar' Sequels., THE PLAYLIST - James Cameron Will Not Give Up On High Frame Rates & 3D For His ‘Avatar’ Movies
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How does it work … SeeReal’s holographic display principle in a nutshell

On our Technology page we describe selected aspects of holographic display technology, which SeeReal is actively pursuing. But how do all these things contribute to a holographic 3D (H3D) display? A short intro on how this works for example in … Continue Reading

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Triceratops hologram presented to audience

How does it work … Holography

People use the term hologram for many things – mostly for things that are not holograms … But what makes a real hologram or what is holography? Light propagates in space in the form of waves – similar to waves … Continue Reading

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"There was a realism and a sense of excitement like nothing I had ever felt before. Not only was I amazed; I determined then and there to figure out how it worked."

This Stephen A. Benton (1941 - 2003) once said about his experience wearing a pair of 3D-glasses at age 11. Stephen A. Benton was inventor of the rainbow hologram and a pioneer in medical imaging and fine arts holography. He described holography as a true "intersection of art, science and technology."
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Did you know … that SeeReal was already founded in 2002

At that time SeeReal focused on Auto-Stereoscopic 3D Displays (ASD), their development, manufacture and sale. The SeeReal range of products included ASD with eye tracking and without. The eye-tracked models had the advantage that viewer freedom of movement was very … Continue Reading

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What others wrote … SeeReal H3D Demo at SID Conference

… At the time of SID Display Conference in 2016, SeeReal demonstrated key principles of their H3D solution to an invited group of people. This was done using a traveling version of an H3D implementation which doesn’t represent all commercial … Continue Reading

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